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Timber Frame Houses & Timber Frame Engineering

Rainford Timber Engineering has many years of experience in timber frame houses manufacturing supplying both the construction industry plus the individual self builder. At Rainford Timber, custom timber frame houses are designed and manufactured to their client’s specification, from their architect’s plans. Timber frame construction is an ideal method of construction for the majority of domestic dwellings because the overall project is completed much quicker than a conventional build, therefore the project costs and supervision times are reduced considerably.
The Rainford Timber design, engineering and onsite construction teams are ready to meet the challenges of delivering your construction project on time, economically and to a high standard of quality.

Timber frame has become a modern method of construction in the UK over last 20 years, however more houses have been built around the world in timber frame than any other method.

Popular Method

Timber frame is considered a ‘modern method of construction’ and as the UK housing shortage becomes increasingly in the public focus this fascinating system of building is becoming mainstream for both large and small projects.

Design Flexibility

Modular components are designed and prefabricated into panels in a controlled environment, offering strict quality control, including CATG markings. This means that once delivered to site, projects are completed much quicker than conventional builds, keeping costs lower and supervision times reduced.


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