Timber Frame

Although timber frame has only become a mainstream construction method in the UK in the last 20 years, throughout the developed world more houses have been built in timber frame than any other method.

It is the main house-building method in the United States, Canada and Scandinavia.
The timber frame package includes the inner structural leaf of the external wall, all the internal walls, the floors and floor boarding, and a structural timber roof comprising roof trusses, attic trusses, or a traditional timber cut roof – depending on the design of the building. All this is designed, manufactured if factory and erected on site by one of our highly trained fixing teams.

In addition to this we supply a detailed design package including calculations and certification for building control, NHBC and other certifying bodies.

  • The benefits of timber frame are firmly established throughout the world, offering a fast, eco-friendly highly insulated solution to a modern method of construction
  • Compared to traditional build, site times are significantly reduced using our timber frame system, cutting site prelim costs and offering a realistic project budget costing
  • Once the structure is assembled and the roofer has felt and battened, the building is semi watertight and inside trades can move in, even if the weather is too bad for the bricklayer to complete the outside façade
  • Our timber frame complies with the legislations for sound transfer / insulation and complies with robust details
  • Timber frame is a dry form of construction, and shrinkage is minimal.
  • Our system can be constructed on top of an existing building, a common example being apartments above a car park / shops. The lower level being built traditionally followed by a concrete transfer slab with our timber frame above
  • All our timber is produced from sustainable forests and can be easily recycled. It is worth noting that timber frame has a low carbon footprint and that being mostly a natural product has little cost associated to produce the basic panel.
  • Our timber frame system is produced off site, in a controlled environment, and fitted by our fixing teams
  • Our highly experienced team work with the client, the Architect and Structural Engineer to ensure a successful project
Timber is recognised as the most environmentally friendly building material used in modern construction.

It is both renewable and beneficial to the environment through the growing process.

Timber is bio degradable, non-toxic, recyclable and is sourced from well managed forests where harvested trees are replaced by newly planted saplings.

Compared to other building materials such as steel and concrete, timber is much kinder to the environment in terms of CO2 emissions and sustainability.

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